Elite Vent Technology

The unique Elite vent design results in six-way protection. This unique and patented design also has a wind speed reducing effect.  These design features are not by chance, but are a result of studying the problems caused by destructive outside elements.   

There is no other vent that offers the protection like Embers Out Elite Series vents. Patented Gable vents* prevent fire embers, wind-driven rain, dust & debris, and nesting animals and rodents from entering your home through the attic vent.  They do all this and meet the standards for Net Free Ventilation Area (NFVA).*Patent number 9822532

Block Fire Embers From Entering Your Attic Through the Vent

By replacing your existing vents with an Embers Out vent you can rest assured your home will be have an added layer of protection from the elements and most importantly an “ember attack” and direct flames. An ember attack is a naturally occurring event during a wildfire. Burning parts of brush and trees become airborne and can be carried away for miles. If these embers land on a combustible object or drift into an attic they may ignite parts of the house and eventually cause the entire house to burn from the inside out. Embers Out vent's unique design can help block embers from entering your attic.

Stop Wind-Driven Rain From Penetrating Your Attic Through the Vent

Wind-driven rain causes damage by introducing moisture into your attic from the rain that was propelled by wind through vents, window seals or door seals. In calm weather, raindrops fall vertically, but in windy weather, raindrop paths are angled and the amount of rain striking your home at an angle can be a very destructive source of moisture. Embers Out vents can help to block wind-driven rain from entering your attic; this is very important as most insurance policies contain limitations of coverage for "wind-driven rain."

Prevent Insects & Animals From Entering Your Attic Through the Vent

Bees, wasps, rats, mice, squirrels, bats, and even sometimes snakes can all find their way into your attic. They'll take advantage of gaps in the architecture if a gap exists. Vents are a primary “gap” for them to enter and once in, the destruction caused can be immense, not to mention the “ick” factor. Embers Out small vent mesh helps to keep out destructive critters.

Inhibit Dust & Debris From Penetrating Your Attic Through the Vent

Dust, leaves, and debris can cause a mess in your attic space and dust particles can enter your cooling and heating systems contributing to allergies and sometimes more severe breathing issues. Traditional louver style vents have large openings that allow all of the particles from the outside air inside your home. Embers Out vents inhibit dust and debris from penetrating your attic, keeping the air you breathe in your home cleaner.

Stop Snowpack Penetration

Is your vent ready for winter?  In many parts around the country snow collects on roofs and when it melts it can cause serious complications if it enters the home through an outside vent.  Moisture can lead to mold and mildew in the attic where it can circulate down into the living spaces.  As temperatures rise, the collection pan and exit spout, unique to the patented Elite vent design, collects and safely deposits water outside the home.

Wind Speed reduction by 7:1

Not many have considered how the wind speed inside the attic can affect the living spaces of a home.  Existing louvered vents provide no protection against wind and allow dust to enter the attic through the vent where it accumulates.  Add some wind in the same attic and you can imagine what can travel down into your living space.  No other vent on the market reduces wind speed like Elite vents and 3rd party testing proved it.  



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