Embers Out Elite Gable Vents

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Presenting Embers Out Elite Gable Vents for both retrofit and new construction.

EMBERS OUT vents are the industry standard for home safety and vent security.  They can be designed into new home and building construction or you can use them to retrofit your existing structure. 

Our Elite Gable Vents are available in 100% aluminum or galvanized steel.

Both materials are impervious to rust and corrosion and can be painted to match any house color*.  They are self-cleaning when exposed to rain.Embers Out Elite Gable Vents Flange Offset

As with ALL our products, you can depend on Embers Out Elite Vents to effectively control, block, and STOP fire embers, insects, critters, vermin, dust, debris, wind-driven rain, snow build up, and strong winds from entering your attic, crawl space, or foundation.


All Embers Out Elite Vents are protected with a lifetime warranty.**

Our Gable vents meet California Building Code SFM 12-7A.



Embers Out Elite Gable Vents Specifications



Embers Out Elite Gable Vents Specifications


The Elite Aluminum Vent passed the ASTM-E2886 / E2886M-14 ember test with 100% of hot and cold embers unable to penetrate the vent. In addition, the Elite Galvanized Steel Vent was exposed to direct flames and passed both the ember and fire impingement portions of the ASTM International Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Ability of Exterior Vents to Resist the Entry of Embers and Direct Flame Impingement: ASTM-E2886 / E2886M-14 Testing.

*Suggested painting method is a light spray of protective enamel paint

**Lifetime Warranty on product, not installation