Embers Out Elite Gable Vents

Embers Out Elite Gable Vents

Embers Out Elite Gable, Soffit and Foundation Vents are internal vents that provide peace of mind for homeowners. 
They are the 'comprehensive' approach to helping block harmful outside elements like wildfire embers, heavy rain, and rodents. They improve ventilation and keep attics cleaner. They are available for new construction and retro-fitting existing vents. They never need to be changed or cleaned, and are protected with a lifetime warranty. 
Embers Out Filter


Embers Out Filter 


Embers Out Filter


Our patented filters use the same high-quality materials as the Elite Series Vents and are designed to meet the specs of California building code SFM12-7A.  These filters are your ‘quick fix’ when heavy rains, winter storms and fire season are fast approaching and you don’t have time to install our comprehensive internal Elite vents**.
These filters are easy to install and affordable. For a fast solution to block flying embers, driving rain, rodents, and dust choose the Elite Filter series.  Made of galvanized steel, Elite filters are available for existing Gable, Frieze Board, and Dormer vents.  


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