Measuring for Elite Vents & Filters

To determine the size vent or filter you need measure the outside exposed length and width of the existing vents.  See example of an existing gable, soffit, and dormer vent below. For new construction Gable Vents please see the sizes available here.  Embers Out can make custom sizes depending on the quantity needed. Embers Out can install your vents or filters. If you need installation or are interested in a custom size vent please contact us.

Vent Installation

Elite Vents can be retro-fitted to homes made of stucco, brick, shingle siding and more. Professional Installers are recommended. A complete set of installation instructions is included with each vent shipment.*

Embers Out Elite Gable Vent RetroFit Installation Guide 2018

Installation for all Embers Out Filters

Installation of Embers Out Elite Filters is very straightforward and easy.  These filters are placed over your existing vents.  You may choose to install these vent filters yourself or hire a professional.

Gable and Dormer vent filters are installed from inside the building and Soffit filters are installed outside.

In all cases, follow these instructions:

  1. Center the filter over the existing vent opening.  Press the flat face against the existing surface or over the existing Soffit vent

  2. Get a tight seal.  Embers Out recommend running a bead of silicone around the edge of the flat face for a good seal

  3. Use the filter screw holes as a template to locate the screws

  4. Secure the filter. Use #10 screw holes to secure the filter in position.  If mounting to wood, use wood screws, #10 x ¾.  For mounting the Soffit filter to metal, use self-drilling #10 x ¾ screws similar to McMaster Carr 90064A450, or TEKS #10 x ¾ from Home Depot

*Installation supplies are not included with Elite Vents. For sealant, Embers Out Installers prefer OSI's QUAD® MAX.

New Construction Elite Vents have a .88" Flange offset to accommodate outer construction materials.



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