Why Choose Embers Out

Posted by George Sherry on

Why Choose Embers Out?

Here is a list of reasons to choose Embers Out products for your home!  Whether you are a home owner or a contractor, a developer or an architect, here are features of our products that you should seriously consider when adding vents to your buildings:

Embers Out Vents are Filters are:

  • Made in America!
  • Fabricated from the highest quality materials
  • Have a lifetime guarantee
  • Strong and tough...difficult to harm
  • Impervious to rust & corrosion
  • Present innovative designs
  • Are patented
  • Developed by Mechanical Engineer
  • Are the only Gable vent to meet most rigorous building standards ASTM EE2886/E2886M-14
  • Able to reduce wind speed by 7 to 1
  • WORRY-FREE: Install and forget about them!
  • Maintenance-free and self-cleaning

Once installed they will keep your attic and crawl spaces much cleaner.  The reduction in dust and vermin "residue" also keeps the rest of your home cleaner.

These products are paintable so you can match your home's colors and installation services are also available for most California locations.