The Freeway Complex Fire

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In 2008 the cities of Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and surrounding communities in California were devastated by the “Freeway Complex Fire”.

The Embers Out vent that George Sherry designed saved his house from destruction because that vent stopped the fire’s embers from getting into his attic.

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"On November 15, 2008, our communities were impacted by what ultimately became one of the largest wildland fires ever to strike Orange County. The Freeway Fire, which started in the City of Corona on the border of Riverside and Orange Counties, was driven by fierce Santa Ana winds. It spread quickly on a massive fire front, causing widespread damage in the cities of Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Corona, as well as to Chino Hills State Park. The fire merged with a second one-the Landfill Fire, that had started in the Carbon Canyon area. This caused further damage in the City of Brea and community of Olinda Village, ultimately threatening Chino Valley and driving into Los Angeles County, where it menaced the City of Diamond Bar. Miraculously, no lives were lost or major injuries occurred during this wildland/urban conflagration. However, 381 structures belonging to residents of all impacted jurisdictions were damaged or destroyed by these fires."

- Chip Prather, Fire Chief 

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