George's Story: How Embers Out began

Posted by George Sherry on

"314 homes were destroyed or damaged by fire on the hillsides and in the canyons of Orange County, California in November 2008. Mine was not one of them."

– George Sherry, Founder of Embers Out, LLC.


George Sherry, a mechanical engineer, is the inventor of the Embers Out Elite fire and ember-blocking vents and filters. The story of how Embers Out started is an interesting one and it all began with a move to Yorba Linda, California.

In early 1989 he and his family moved to an area in Southern California with hills, canyons, and wildlife; it also has dry brush and high winds during certain times of the year which makes it susceptible to wildfire.

Like many people living in such an area, George observed the ‘best practices’ for preventing damage from wildfire. Despite following these recommendations he noticed his home was vulnerable to catching fire in the attic because the standard louvered vent installed in his new home provided zero protection from incoming fire embers. Once a fire starts in the attic, the house cannot be saved. He immediately modified his vent and replaced it with one he designed in his garage. Over the years the same vent kept the house’s attic clean and free of any damage from outside elements: It kept the attic dry and blocked rain from entering when it was windy; it prevented nesting animals like rodents and birds entering the attic and blocked dust and debris.


Nineteen years later, it was his vent design that protected his home from the most damaging fire Orange County had seen since the Laguna Fire in 1993. In November 2008, Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, and Brea were hit by a devastating fire called the Freeway Complex Fire which burned more than 30,000 acres and took 4 days to contain. The fire destroyed 361 residential and commercial structures reaching a staggering cost of over $139 million dollars. The fire burnt down eight homes on George’s street. Seven of the houses that burnt down surrounded George’s canyon facing home on all 3 sides. In a matter of hours, the wind-driven embers and direct flames of that fire caused devastation to the neighborhoods and businesses. Family homes along with precious heirlooms were reduced to ashes. It was a few weeks after the fire that local firemen returned to George’s house and looked at the vent. The firemen were convinced it was his modified vent that prevented embers from entering and catching fire in the attic but it wasn’t until years later that George submitted his vent for third-party testing at Western Fire Center, Inc. The results of the flying ember and direct flame testing showed 100% flame and ember blocking (report #15057 & 15125). Embers Out Elite Gable Vents are the only gable vents to meet ASTM-E2886/E2886M-14. George Sherry established Embers Out in 2014. His focus is bringing to market the vent that saved his home during a wildfire in hopes that others living in areas susceptible to fire, high-winds, and rain can also protect their homes and belongings. Embers Out Elite Vents are proudly made in the U.S.A.