Embers Out vents vs ALL others

Posted by George Sherry on

Embers Out vents and filters are superior on every level when compared to the "competition."

You don't have to be a fire professional or building expert to see the difference between all other home vents and filters when compared wit Embers Out. 

Here is a challenge: The next time you are in the hardware store, ask to see their attic vents.  If they don't carry Embers Out products * they will probably show you something that looks like these (see below).

These products are useless (for any qualification beyond filling a hole in your siding).

They are usually plastic or thin aluminum.  If they have a "filter" it's probably 1/4" hardware cloth. None have passed any testing. They won't stop wind OR rodents OR embers OR rain OR snow OR dust.  

They are properly categorized as "ventilators" as that's about all they do.

How they pass any safety inspection is a mystery.


* If your hardware store does NOT carry Embers Out products tell them to call us!  We can help!